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Unterlagen für Schulen

Inputs zur Vor- / Nachbereitung im Unterricht und zum Besuch im Museum. Zahlreiche Klassenmaterialien.
Infos zur Ausstellung, Hintergrundwissen, Timeline und Glossar.
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Guided tours

«Postmodernism. What does dying have to do with Coca Cola?» | 1

Choco-Chair, a Brückenschreibtisch (writing desk designed as a bridge), a candy-coloured teapot, the ‘Kung Fu’ shelving, the film ‘Der Lauf der Dinge‘ (The way things go). We look at amazing objects, from Fischli/Weiss to Ai Weiwei, and find out the trends in music and fashion that were hot in the 1970s and 1980s.
Guided tour for all levels | 1 hour


«Modernism, Postmodernism – and now?» | 2

What is ‘Modernism’, what is ‘Postmodernism’? Starting with examples from architecture, music, design, art and fashion of the postmodern era, the question arises of what went before, and what Postmodernism was a reaction to. Looking at the present, we discuss what we would call our contemporary style epoch.
Guided tour for secondary level I and II | 1 hour



«Postmodernism. The stylistically subversive bag»

Exhibits relating to architecture, music, design, art and fashion illustrate the key design elements of Postmodernism. Adopting the motto ‘Ornament is not a crime’, and ‘Not only function, but also fiction’, we have a try at designing a postmodern object.
Workshop for all levels | 2 hours | Contribution for the material per class CHF 50.-


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